The Region

Being on the lake never gets boring but there are many interesting areas within a day's round trip drive of Lincoln Lake Cabin. Seasonal fruits, vegetables and local wines are the pride of many small towns along the way. The history of this region is fascinating. This link shows all the fun stuff to do in the cabin's immediate area:
If you like horses and cowboys you may enjoy one of the last authentic rodeos held every year in Davenport WA

  • Lincoln WA
  • Two Rivers & 7 Bays Marina
  • Keller Ferry
  • Dry Falls
  • Soap Lake
  • Palouse Falls

Lincoln WA

Lincoln was a saw mill town that played a large role in the building of the Grand Coulee Dam. When the ninety-nine year mill lease ended the town was abandoned for many years. Lincoln Lake Cabin is an historic building built by Pat Madden who worked as the "saw filer" at the Lincoln Saw Mill.


Easily accessible, even during most winter months, fishermen like the convenient boat launch. See for seasonal fees and accessibility.


We recommend getting the Discover Pass to avoid individual docking fees. This is the official Lake Roosevelt information site Some of the best fishing months are off season from the favorite summer vacation months.

7 Bays & Two Rivers Marinas

One of the boating or driving destinations nearby is the Two Rivers Marina and Casino and the 7 Bays Marina


When you stay at the cabin and launch your boat in Lincoln it is only a quick boat ride to either marina. Picnic foods, beer and wine are available to boaters who dock at either marina to gas up.

Keller Ferry

The San Poil River enters the Columbia River at Keller Ferry. Beautiful beaches for swimming and picnics stretch for miles. The ferry named the M/V Sanpoil goes back and forth across the Columbia every 15 minutes. The drive along the San Poil River to Republic goes through the Colville Indian Reservation.

Dry Falls

This amazing geological landmark is one of a kind in the world. Plein air painters, fisherman, archeologists and ornithologists find much of interest here. The Visitor's Center on the rim of Dry Falls canyon gives a detailed historical explaination of it's formation. Washington State maintains a delightful campground and small golf course here.


I take guests here during the Plein Air Artist Retreats. The lakes, the rock formations and ancient stone fences built by prehistoric men to catch wild horses, offer unusual vistas and subjects for artists.


Despite the catacysmic events that repeatedly washed over this land, for thousands of years it was home to prehistoric human beings, as is evidenced by the Lenore Caves.  Also check out and

Soap Lake

An ancient gathering place for prehistoric man, this lake has unusual qualities that make it as popular today as when seasonal pow wows and horse races were the main events of the times.


The name Soap Lake came from the word Smokiam, an Indian term which translates to “Healing Waters.” The tribes used the lake for healing purposes for themselves and their animals for many years before the area was settled by pioneers.


Go to Soap Lake website for more details:

Palouse Falls

Thundering hundreds of feet into the gorge during in the Spring months, this falls is easily viewed from the parking area high above the deep canyon. For more information and


Standing at the rim watching this huge force of nature is mesmerizing. It has a raw primordial essence.


Here is a video of a kayaker going over these falls.