The Kitchen

Kitchen sink, dishwasher with dishsoap, gas stove top, microwave, coffee maker and toaster. The ceiling fan/light is adjustable to three speeds for cooling or heating depending on the season. The wall clock may or may not be set to the right time.


Medium size refrigerator with freezer compartment.  Pantry cupboards have an assortment of baking and canned foods which we do not restock during our guest’s stays.


The wood cookstove we affectionately call Mabel, is not for use. Delete the following sentence: A singing kettle, a drip percolator and old fashioned enamel coffee pot complete her charms. We supply cutlery, glasses and china for at least ten guests. A blender, bread boards, butter dish, cooking pots, pans, spatulas, mixing bowls, cookie sheet, cast iron frying pans, cooking knives, garbage can, garbage bags, pot holders, paper towels, aluminum foil, clear wrap, kitchen cleansers, dishwasher soap, kitchen towels, wash cloths, salt/pepper, and some plastic containers for left overs are provided.


Bring the food that you want for the length of your stay.  Plan your menu and shop accordingly. The the grocery stores Safeway in Davenport WA, or Sandy's IGA in Wilbur WA, have a moderate selection of everything. You may not be able to get some of your favorite brand named items locally.

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