Living Room

The seating furniture in the living room changes as we choose to replace items.

Currently there is one Quaker rocking chair, one recliner, one leather love seat, one footstool, two custom made lamps, one desk w/book shelf, an air conditioner, and an ceiling fan/light.  The Williams gas heater is controlled with a wall thermostat. There are other antique findings and decor as well as the games Scrabble, Cribbage and Chess. Throughout the cabin you will find an assortment of books collected for their information about the unique geological history and formation of this area that make for interesting reading.

Original artwork by famous plein air artists Don Maier, Nikolai Kraneis, June Shull, Katie Densley, Lynne and Tim Haines are displayed throughout the cabin. Some pieces are for sale. If you wish to purchase any artwork please inquire about pricing.

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