Dining Room

The tiny wooded area opposite the front door often houses grouse and deer. They help themselves to the windowsill bird feeder. Early morning is a nice time to sit at the dining room table and watch who comes to breakfast.

Peaches WA, was moved before the Grand Coulee dam flooded the area and everything was moved up hill to Lincoln WA, including the cemetery. Under the glass surface of the round dining room table is a piece of original linoleum from the cabin. Between it and the glass are museum photos of Peaches before the dam, and assorted family shots.

You enter the dining room through french doors off the porch. They can be opened during most months to extend the living room, dining room and porch into one area. The hinged porch windows open up and hook to the ceiling letting the summer bird song and breezes fill the space. If you hang a hammock on the west side of the porch you can converse easily with folks in the house.

Five vinyl 50's vintage chairs seat the dining room table. In the bookcase left of the window is an outlet convenient for plugging in laptops. On either side of the dining room window there are two bookcases filled with National Geographic magazines, an incomplete but extensive collection that makes for hours of non electric entertainment in a hammock.

Two handmade cupboards surround the kitchen door opening: one houses kitchen linens, bug spray, wasp traps, a medical kit, etc. The other has three open shelves for guests to store cameras, purses etc. Underneath are hooks for hats, coats etc.

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