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Nikolai Kraneis

Nikolai is an accomplished artist of many skills and interests. His work is recognizable by it's unique color tonalities and careful subject design. Each work is rendered with keen attention to his inner vision of the subjects essence. The intensity of his focus results in remarkable pieces that are a pleasure to behold at each viewing.

Lynne Haines

For me, watercolor plein air is the most effective way to convey the light, the mood, the details - all the ambiance in the subject that makes me love it.


It pushes me into areas of my own creativity that I haven't explored until that very moment. Reaching to capture the essence of my subject, I capture more of my own essence.


It is the whole experience; my delight in the subject, the day itself, the things that happen during the time it takes to get there, set up and paint the picture. Visit my studio and plein air work at www.lynnehaines.com where originals and prints are available.


What really thrills me is painting outdoors with other great artists. The quiet times, the chats, the exchange of insights and information.


Plein air painting, in my opinion, is about creating something of lasting beauty and sharing it with others. A good plein air painting in any medium is a constant reminder to the viewer, that life is good and beautiful.

PAAR 2011 Artists

2010 Don and Suzie Maeir joined us for two weeks at the cabin.  It was delightful to get to know them both and a pleasure to paint with them.  We invited Gregg Caudell to join us. I admire Don's watercolors very much and it was an honor to get to paint with him.  We loved the experience of enjoying other plein air artists so much we decided to call it a plein air artist retreat and repeat it annually. Hence Plein Air Artist Retreat began – PAAR.

2011 was especially wonderful because an artist I admired on www.pleinairartists.ning.com named Nikolai Kraneis came from Berlin to paint with us.  He stayed two weeks. We painted everyday from dawn to dusk.